NHThree's mission is to become a global provider of “green” anhydrous ammonia.  In the near term, NHThree will achieve profitability by manufacturing ammonia for applications in the fertilizer market.  In the longer term, NH3 will leverage the experience gained in the fertilizer market to become a global leader in producing ammonia as an alternative to petroleum-based fossil fuels.

NHThree has issued and pending US patents protecting its SSAS technology.  NHThree has demonstrated its SSAS technology on a lab-scale basis, and has assembled a world-class technical team dedicated to testing the SSAS technology on a pilot scale and then building a commercial-scale plant.


NHThree will develop the first bench-scale plant to prove operating parameters.  We then will capitalize our company in order to scale-up production of SSAS plants.   We will site SSAS plants near low-cost sources of hydro-power and initially will target the fertilizer market and existing markets for ammonia.  In the longer term, NH3 will target the alternative fuel market for transportation and the power storage markets of nuclear, hydro, solar and wind electrical generating plants.

Once SSAS proves less expensive to install and operate on a per-ton basis than traditional ammonia plants, nations that have few petroleum resources, but plentiful wind, solar, or other renewable energy sources could acheive energy independence and food-supply independence.  Farmers in many areas around the world could free themselves from rising fertilizer prices and rising fuel prices, by producing their own ammonia for fertilizer and fuel from solar and wind resources, thereby lowering costs and increasing production.  NHThree will supply SSAS plants to customers around the globe.  SSAS will change EVERYTHING.