Our Team

John Holbrook (PhD, Materials Engineering, Stanford University) is a materials scientist who has worked on the development of hydrogen energy, particularly hydrogen storage and transport.  His scientific career spans 30 years with Sandia National Laboratory, Battelle Memorial Institute, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  Holbrook retired from PNNL in 2006.  He currently devotes his efforts to promoting anhydrous ammonia as a zero- emission, sustainable fuel for mobile and stationary applications.  Holbrook is Executive Director of the Ammonia Fuel Network, an international group of technical and business representatives who are working to support the advancement of ammonia as fuel.  During his career, Holbrook developed experience managing successful R&D and technology development for both government and industrial clients.
Jason Ganley (PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) currently Teaching Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.  Ganley has published experimental work related to the design and fabrication of microreactors to use anhydrous ammonia for fuel cell power plants, as well as studies of heterogeneous catalytic ammonia decomposition.  Ganley has been a member of the Ammonia Fuel Network since 2005, and has presented papers on the topic of direct ammonia fuel cells and related technologies.  Ganley researches the development of fuel cell systems and components, including a project awarded by the Army Research Office for the development of proton conducting ceramics for fuel-flexible fuel cells.  Ganley’s research on ammonia involves its use in fuel cells, combustion engines with additives, and to produce on‐demand hydrogen using catalytic reforming.
Doug McKinley (MBA, University of Utah; JD, Willamette University College of Law) works for NHThree LLC, developing current and future business.  Prior to co-founding NHThree, McKinley served as Director of Administration and General Counsel for Integrated Environmental Technology, LLC, a high-tech startup spun out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  While at IET, McKinley was part of a team that developed a plasma waste-processing and clean energy system from conceptual stage to commercial manufacturing.  Prior to joining IET, McKinley was Senior Intellectual Property Counsel with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.