SSAS Produces Clean Ammonia from Air and Water and Electricity

Ammonia is one of THE most important chemicals. Without Ammonia, our modern world economy would not be possible.

Ammonia can be used as Fuel for Transportation

Ammonia does not release CO2 when combusted. Cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and even airplanes can run on ammonia.

Ammonia can Store and Delivery Electricity

SSAS can solve important problems faced by Solar and Wind Energy. SSAS can level out loads, for when the sun goes down, or when the wind does not blow.

SSAS will Reduce CO2 in the Atmosphere

SSAS is the "Killer App" for Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal, Clean Nuclear that will allow Clean Electricity to Compete with Petroleum.

SSAS allows Clean Energy to make Liquid Fuel

Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Clean Nuclear can convert Electricity into Fuel

SSAS Will Change Everything!

SSAS can help us offer a better Future for our Children.

Welcome to NHThree.
Our Solid State Ammonia Synthesis will change Everything.

Imagine a world where cars, trucks, and airplanes run on a fuel made from water and air--a fuel that when burned converts back into water and air, with no CO2 emissions.  Imagine a world where electricity is converted into fuel for internal combustion engines, fuel for jet engines, fuel to make more electricity.   Imagine a world free of imported petroleum for transportation and power.  Imagine a world where farmers produce their own fertilizer, plus power their heavy equipment, from wind and solar electricity.

Your imagination is our science, and the world we envision is coming soon, because...  

Our Solid State Ammonia Synthesis technology will change Everything.